Product Description

Axis Dolly shown with tripod (tripod not included)

The original, and still the best, trackless, adjustable radius film/video dolly on the market.

The Axis Dolly is an innovative system that allows not only linear movement, but also radial movement with an adjustable radius! Rotate around a subject or item one foot or ten feet away from the camera, maintaining your camera’s face toward the subject! This system replaces the need for straight and curved tracks.

Circular movement is so easy you’ll wonder how you’ve lasted so long without a dolly like this. This dolly is designed to be used with a tripod and has two length settings so it works with tripods of all sizes. You can mount your tripod head directly to the dolly via any of the 3/8″ mounting holes in the body. The body of the dolly is also a mini dolly! Remove the legs of the dolly, mount the casters to the body, and attach your fluid head or tilting plate directly to it! You now can roll the body along the ground for low mode shots, or along a table top for creative movement or product shots. The sky’s the limit!

The Axis Dolly is manufactured from 1/2 inch thick plate aluminum. It is stronger than any application you will need it for. It is powder coated with a weather proof, black textured powdercoat so it scatters what little light it does reflect so as not to reflect light onto your subject.

An adjustment chart is provided for quick set up of radial shots. You may also download a radial calculator (which opens in Excel) to calculate the settings for any radius.

Axis Dolly shown with fluid head (fluid head not included)

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